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The Honeymoon

On Thursday, Randy and I ate dinner at Bimini’s Steakhouse, swam in the pool and stayed the night at the Peppermill in the Tuscany Tower. Then, on Friday we enjoyed a couple’s massage and the use of their spa. Mom paid for all of this as her wedding present to us. Thanks Mom!

For even more pics, see my Facebook page. They wouldn’t all fit here. 🙂

After the Sealing

The pictures start off all cute and nice as we pose before cameras for the first time as husband and wife, but then we start making faces and turning all shades of red. That is because Darren asked us if we had any plans for the night. He was wondering if we were going to go out to eat at a nice restaurant or do anything cute like that. But that’s not what his question brought to the mind of his wife who thought it was an absurd thing to ask newlyweds what they planned for their first night together as a couple. She replied with a full-of-attitude “Well, YEAH.” Prompting us all to die of laughter.

The Sealing

There are no pictures of this part, because cameras aren’t welcomed in the Temple, but I’ll tell you all about it. I was dressed in all white and so was Randy and after all of our church friends had gathered into the sealing room, we were led there by the man who would be performing the sealing, President Wadsworth, the guy in charge of the Reno Temple. The room was very simply decorated. The walls were white, the carpet and upholstery on the chairs and the alter were cream. There were gold accents around the room. From the ceiling hung a large crystal and gold chandelier. On the left and right walls were large mirrors in gold frames. The reflection of the chandelier seemed to go on forever in those mirrors. In the center of the room was an altar and it had padded places around it to kneel. The far side of the room had three chairs: one for the President and two for usually the fathers of the bride and groom. In those chairs sat Darren Katich and Bruce Ford.

Darren has been quite a mentor to Randy since Randy started going to church and since Randy moved to Reno. His wife, Leslie has been a great help for us in preparing for and decorating for the Ring Ceremony. Even though it’d have been awesome to have family sit in that seat, Darren made a fine substitute. Bruce is another person in the church who has been a great influence in our lives. We took a gospel class that met at their house and they always had such good insights into the scriptures and fostered great spiritual conversations. His wife Evelyn helped me pick out my white Temple dress a couple of years ago which I wear when I go to the temple and wore tonight. She makes the most lovely desserts and always has something gluten-free for me. Again, it’d have been nice to have family there, but Bruce made a good stand-in.

On the left and the right walls were two rows each of those cream upholstered chairs I told you about and occupying those chairs were people from church. I saw people I have sang with in the choir, sat next to, taught with. I saw people whose children and grandchildren I have taught in Sunday School. All in all, there were about 40 people. I was surprised to see so many people there for us on that night. They all knew we were a little sad that our families couldn’t be there and were ready to try to fill our families’ shoes, standing in as our church family. I am grateful for their support.

On that last wall was a love seat where Randy and I sat looking across the alter to the far side of the room where the President and Darren and Bruce sat. Flanking us in chairs next to the love seat were Leslie, Darren’s wife, and Evelyn, Bruce’s wife. They sat almost perfectly opposite their husbands in the chairs traditionally reserved for the mothers of the bride and goom. They’re not our mothers, of course, but good women who have always been there for us. Maybe they’re our “church moms.”

President Wadsworth didn’t jump straight to the sealing part. He opened with some thoughts about the gospel, about our purpose here on earth, advice to Randy and I. I can’t remember all that he said, but I do remember that it all was good to hear and learn from and very spiritually deep.

He talked about how we all lived as spirits in Heaven before we came to earth. And that we had to come to earth to learn and grow. Staying in Heaven where everything was perfect, we would miss out on knowing joy and happiness because we could never experience their opposites and so appreciate the good in life. He talked about how important our bodies are then, because through them we can grow and learn, but without them, we are like Satan. Can’t rise above where we are but do regress and become like Satan not only in the sense that we don’t have bodies like him, but eventually we’d become like him in our attitudes and actions.

He gave us advice on how to treat each other then, knowing we lived in Heaven, knowing that we are children of God. He talked to us about how to respect each other and each other’s bodies too. He specifically spoke of how to speak to each other: quietly, sweetly.  No yelling. It was a good little sermon. Then, President Wadsworth began the sealing part. He invited Randy and I to get up off of our love seat and to kneel across the alter and hold hands together. He asked us to look at each other and then beyond each other into those two large mirrors. Now the mirrors held a forever reflection of us and not just the chandelier. He told us that our marriage is designed to go on forever. We’ll be married here on earth and we’ll be together as a couple again in Heaven after our earth lives are over. He married us and we said yes. We kissed across the alter and exchanged our rings.

From there, we went back to stand in front of our love seat. All of the people in the room filed past us whispering congratulations and compliments in our ears and hugging us. Then, Randy and I changed out of our white clothes and met up with everyone else dressed in our Sunday best in the lobby. They congratulated us some more and took pictures of us in front of the flowers in the entry way.

What to Get Us

People keep asking what we need for housewarming-type gifts. The answer is not very much. If you come across something that just jumps out at you, of course, get it. We might need what you find and not even know it yet. 😉 Here’s what not to get: Jane from work is picking us up a Crockpot! Yay! I mentioned that we needed plates to Sue from work and Sister Shelley from Church so that might be taken too.

One idea to get is a toaster. We don’t have a toaster. It’d be good to have a four slot one: two slots for his wheat bread and two for my gluten-free bread. We can’t share a 2 slot toaster because the cross-contamination would make me ill. Other ideas we’ve had, like boxes of ammo, people haven’t been very excited about. haha. Brother and Sister Ford asked Randy what to get us and he said a brick of .22.

We’re just hard to buy for because we’ve combined two households and have nearly every base covered. The things we do need are too big for present purchases. Example: we need a new (or less used than ours) couch. The back of ours has a board poking out. There’s a spring poking through on Randy’s side and Emily ate a hole in one of the cushions. I’ve duct taped it back together (LOL!) and flipped it over so you can’t see it, but I know it’s there.

So if you’re stuck on present ideas, slip my mom some cash because she’s organizing a one-night honeymoon and day spa trip for us. 🙂

What we have so far…

This is an update of the list of needed things I posted awhile back:

  • A guest book, white please. Thanks mom!
  • Pen for guest book, white.
  • Beads to go in the bottom of vases, also white please.
  • Mints/other white candy to go inside of our favor boxes. Gluten-free if possible. Thanks mom!
  • Tulle fabric for use as a garland, white.
  • Arch or other sort of backdrop.
  • Wedding photography services. Thanks Sister Katich!
  • Music services. Thanks Sister Clark!
  • Hair and makeup services for Ashley. Thanks Brother Christensen!
  • Cupcakes, enough for the party with one batch gluten-free  (in lieu of wedding cake).
  • Cupcake tower to display the cupcakes.
  • Christmas trees (can we borrow your fake tree for the day?)
  • Dry cleaning– Ashley wants to clean the second-hand dress before the big day.
  • Dress alterations– the neckline is too low as-is. The skirt is full and made of tulle, the body is corseted. Ashley wants to add some white, gathered tulle to the top of the too low neckline. If you’ve seen Renaissance Fair dresses which have a corseted dress with a full skirt and a ruffle on the neckline… that’s what she’s going for.
  • Suit alterations– Randy’s suit top fits him, but the pants are too big and too long.

We’re getting there! Thanks everyone for being willing to pitch in. It’s much appreciated.

Scheduling the Chapel

I’ve been trying to schedule the LDS Golconda Chapel for our Ring Ceremony and Reception on January 15th, 2011, but I’ve not been having much success. I tried to fill out the online scheduling form like a good girl, but the form is glitched. Although they’ve released the new, not all of its features are working properly. The form went to the calendar guys. They ignored it since it wasn’t for them. I emailed the scheduling people, again through, and that was glitched too. It went to the calendar people again. This time though, they called me back and let me know what was happening.

Before they got ahold of me though, I called the building scheduler at home. He answered and seemed a tad put out by me telling him how I’ve been waiting for my online request to be approved. In hind-sight, he was probably put out because he never received it. He asked me the date and I told him, January 15, 2011. He told me that they’re not scheduling for 2011 yet. I told him how important it was that this be scheduled anyway because I can’t plan for family and friends to come down, I can’t do any invitations, etc. etc. unless I have a location FIRST. That got him moving. haha. He became willing to take down my information and will try to schedule it. He will call me back and let me know if he succeeds.

He’d better succeed. 😛

The calendar guy who called me told me of all the trouble he’s been going through getting one of his kids’ wedding scheduled. He received he same warm welcome on the phone from the building scheduler as I did. But eventually, her reception was scheduled for February, so if the building crew can make it happen for them, hopefully they can make it happen for me.

Scheduling the Sealing

On the advice of Sue, I called the temple back. I half-expected to be laughed at again, but the person who answered the phone this time around was very kind albeit a bit nervous about using the computer and a tad dyslexic to boot. We’re scheduled to be sealed on January 11, 2011 at 7 p.m. We have the larger sealing room which can hold up to 40 people. So if I have more Mormon friends, family and ward members with temple recommends interested in attending than I think I do, we’ll have plenty of room. Randy and I have to be there at 5:45 p.m. and our Short Veil Ceremony will be at 6:15 p.m. I have no idea when spectators should arrive. Before 7 p.m., I guess.

I have that day off of work, but Randy will be coming straight from work, unless he can save up enough leave time to take a half-day off. It should prove to be a hectic, interesting and fun evening.

Wedding Plans: The Theme

Randy and I are getting married in January. Cold, snowy January. Some brides would consider that a bad month to get married in and would wait for the warmer days of spring and summer. But I am quite happy about our date. Not only is it easy to remember, 1/11/11, it is also easy to decorate for. Our theme for the ring ceremony and wedding reception is “Winter Wonderland.”

Here’s everything we have so far:

  • 12′ bell tissue garland
  • Just married bubbles
  • 20 Circular tulles for the tables
  • 2 packages of fake snow
  • Baby’s breath
  • White roses
  • White beaded garland
  • Flameless votive candles
  • Silver heart favor boxes
  • White Christmas lights
  • 6 Small pre-lit white Christmas trees
  • 11 Plain white table cloths
  • 2 Satin white table cloths
  • 12 Square mirrors
  • 6 Vases

I plan to have six large, round tables placed around the room with two white table cloths on each of them, criss-crossing. Two tables will have a white and satin cloth instead of two white cloths. One will be for Randy, myself and our family and the other will be for our cupcake wedding cake display. The bell and beaded garland will garnish this table, along with some of the tulle and white Christmas lights.

The table centerpieces will be bead-filled vases with roses and baby’s breath, surrounded by flameless votives, bubbles and the silver heart favor boxes. They will sit on tulle covered mirrors. Sprinkled around the table centerpieces will be the fake snow.

I plan to decorate across the stage with strings of white Christmas lights draped in white tulle as a garland. Encompassing the tables, scattered about will be dozens of white Christmas light covered Christmas trees.