Wedding Plans: Help

A lot of people have been asking me “What can I do to help?” There are several items left to be purchased for the wedding and a lot of services that we still need. As you all know, Randy and I are on a very limited budget. Any items you want to pick up for us would be much appreciated. If you have services or talents to donate or give us a discount on like baking, sewing, photography, etc. also great. Here’s a list of stuff and services that we know we need:

  • A guest book, white please.
  • Pen for guest book, white.
  • Beads to go in the bottom of vases, also white please.
  • Mints/other white candy to go inside of our favor boxes. Gluten-free if possible.
  • Tulle fabric for use as a garland, white.
  • Arch or other sort of backdrop.
  • Wedding photography services.
  • Music services.
  • Hair and makeup services for Ashley.
  • Cupcakes, enough for the party with one batch gluten-freeΒ  (in lieu of wedding cake).
  • Cupcake tower to display the cupcakes.
  • Christmas trees (can we borrow your fake tree for the day?)
  • Dry cleaning– Ashley wants to clean the second-hand dress before the big day.
  • Dress alterations– the neckline is too low as-is. The skirt is full and made of tulle, the body is corseted. Ashley wants to add some white, gathered tulle to the top of the too low neckline. If you’ve seen Renaissance Fair dresses which have a corseted dress with a full skirt and a ruffle on the neckline… that’s what she’s going for.
  • Suit alterations– Randy’s suit top fits him, but the pants are too big and too long.

Am I forgetting anything?

If you’re on a tight budget too and can’t kick in for goods or services, don’t feel bad. We need your manual labor! haha. We’ll need help with set up and take down on January 15th, including picking up and dropping off borrowed Christmas trees, decorating tables, taking out the trash, etc. This help will be instrumental in pulling this off as we will both be working full-time and Ashley will be taking half-time college classes (one course being Statistics–eek) and starting a new and challenging church calling. Any muscle you can put in would go a long way towards keeping us sane.

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