Scheduling the Chapel

I’ve been trying to schedule the LDS Golconda Chapel for our Ring Ceremony and Reception on January 15th, 2011, but I’ve not been having much success. I tried to fill out the online scheduling form like a good girl, but the form is glitched. Although they’ve released the new, not all of its features are working properly. The form went to the calendar guys. They ignored it since it wasn’t for them. I emailed the scheduling people, again through, and that was glitched too. It went to the calendar people again. This time though, they called me back and let me know what was happening.

Before they got ahold of me though, I called the building scheduler at home. He answered and seemed a tad put out by me telling him how I’ve been waiting for my online request to be approved. In hind-sight, he was probably put out because he never received it. He asked me the date and I told him, January 15, 2011. He told me that they’re not scheduling for 2011 yet. I told him how important it was that this be scheduled anyway because I can’t plan for family and friends to come down, I can’t do any invitations, etc. etc. unless I have a location FIRST. That got him moving. haha. He became willing to take down my information and will try to schedule it. He will call me back and let me know if he succeeds.

He’d better succeed. 😛

The calendar guy who called me told me of all the trouble he’s been going through getting one of his kids’ wedding scheduled. He received he same warm welcome on the phone from the building scheduler as I did. But eventually, her reception was scheduled for February, so if the building crew can make it happen for them, hopefully they can make it happen for me.

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  • Sue Jacobs Lee

    Ummm, what is UP with people?? How hard is it to schedule the building? I never had any problems when I needed to schedule for a Primary activity! He will make it work or I may come up there and tell him how it’s done! Ha ha ha!! Good luck 🙂

  • Ashley Davenport

    I’m thinking about printing up notices that say: “This gym will not be available for us on 1-15-11. Questions? Call Ashley” and putting them on all of the gym doors. He didn’t call me back today… How hard is it to schedule a building. I’ll call him again tomorrow.

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