So… I still haven’t gotten anywhere with scheduling the chapel. I understand December being a busy time, but I talked to Brother Gardner of the Stake and he said he had the same issue when trying to schedule his daughter’s Ring Ceremony. In my opinion, with an ongoing slacking-in-calling-duty issues, this couple should be released. I printed up notes and put them on all of the gym doors and the bulletin boards for each of the wards that the gym is occupado for January 15th and to call me if there are any questions. I hope this works.

I also emailed some people in the ward whom I believe could help me with some of the things I need for the big day. I emailed Sister Katich, because she took some awesome pictures of our engagement and asked her if she would take pictures of our Ring Ceremony too. I emailed Sister Clark and asked her if she’d play the piano. I also emailed Brother Christensen and asked him if he could help with my hair. I am so not girlie enough to be able to do my own hair… I can’t even braid. Hopefully these people can help us out. We’re on a tight budget, as everyone is right now in this economy, and hiring professional photography, music and hair services just isn’t doable for us.

We still need cupcakes and Christmas trees. I think I’m going to pass out a sign-up sheet in Relief Society for those. If several people can make small batches of cupcakes, it wouldn’t be too stressful for them and it would really help me out. Borrowing their fake trees for a day shouldn’t be an issue. By mid-January, most people are ready to take them down or already have them down anyway.

Where is the time going??? There is so much left to do.

P.S. Bacon, Skittles and Raisenettes taste really good together.

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