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Last night, the stake calendar people who received the ward building request by accident of a glitch in the form, emailed a rejection notice for me on the event with the words “this has been communicated to the scheduler” on the bottom. I knew a scheduling meeting had occurred last week. I was waiting to hear back from those who attended that meeting if I had received the room or not for our Ring Ceremony. I emailed back the guy from whom the denial email came asking if that meant that I couldn’t use the room. And then I started crying. I’m so frustrated with all of this.

I tearfully showed Randy the email and he decided to call back the stake scheduling guy to figure out what was going on. The man told Randy that the guy who sent the email who isn’t in charge of scheduling the room, told him that we had the room. I’m guessing then that they had the meeting and put us in the calendar. A call back to that effect instead of a cryptic denial letter would have been nice.

When Randy first joined the church, he started a blog where he and several coauthors could write about the experiences of moving from being an Evangelical Christian to being a Mormon Christian. All of the people he wrote the blog with were new converts like himself and he is the only active church member out of the group remaining. They’ve all gone inactive.

He’s had a lot of rough experiences, including this run around about getting married in the Temple and using the gym for our Ring Ceremony. With drama like this going on, it’s no wonder his friends haven’t stayed active in the church. There are other churches out there who will let us get married in a manner that will be more welcoming to our nonmember friends and families and who won’t make life hell for us as we try to schedule a simple Ring Ceremony.

I’m not going inactive, but this mess has definitely left me with the thought that church members can be quite hurtful to new converts and to each other and that we are to blame for our own poor new convert retention rate. Perhaps members wouldn’t be so prone to “church vacations,” as we jokingly call periods of inactivity, if we weren’t such jerks to each other.

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  • Sue Jacobs Lee

    I hear you! I’ve been a member all my life and it still baffles me when people, who are supposed to be helping each other, treat others like dirt! I’m sorry about all the drama and mis-communication. The mindset of some people is that they use their calling as a sort of ‘power trip’. Not everyone, just some people – but it leaves a sour taste behind when they act this way. The best thing I’ve found is to try to remember the Savior and act in a way he would want me to, no matter what anyone else does. That attitude has helped me the most, when I felt like giving up! It will all work out and just hang in there!!

  • James

    Why, it’s almost like a large number of people involved in any organized religion are hypocrites, and don’t live up to the ideals they espouse concerning their fellow man!
    What I know and have read about concerning the church of mormon, I do not like or agree with. However, I have seen no organized religion that would do any better of a job with the same circumstances. The only difference between what you’re experiencing and what you would have experienced via the pastor of the Baptist church I last attended is that the Baptists would’ve told you you were going to hell, then asked you to donate a few hundred dollars. Because you’re sposta’, that’s why.

    It is things like this that make me glad I tossed organized religion out the door years ago. My relationship between my Creator and I stays strictly ours, and I do not allow some other hypocritical fool to guilt trip me into believing his interpretation of it. I grew tired of any interpretation of the Bible that somehow magically gives some human being the divine power to be a go-between amid me and God.

    I’m a cynic and I approve this message.
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    Not applicable in the continental U.S.
    Buy two get none free.
    High capacity, Pre-ban opinion, not legal in the state of California, Massachusetts, Maryland, Hawaii, or any other Marxist coven.
    Not all will win, fewer will enter.

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