So close!

I ran around shopping today and got some of the things that we need for Tuesday and Saturday.I bought some makeup. I have no idea if what I bought is what I need, nor do I know how to apply it (haha), but I’ll ask Brother Christensen about it when he does my hair on Wednesday. He was supposed to do it today, but had to cancel because Sister Christensen came down ill. I’m glad he canceled to take care of the kids so she could get some rest. I also got nail polish! I still need a necklace, bracelet and earrings to wear. I picked up the flowers we needed and some filler for the vases. Still need to go get some green flower tape.

Randy says he’s excited that we’re getting married. That’s good. I know all of the preparations have been stressing him out because of the problems with his suit. We’ve got the suit thing sorta fixed. haha.

We still need to make a music playlist. This is going to be difficult. Randy’s music is loud and full of swear words and mine is country. Not very many people at the ring ceremony/wedding reception will want to listen to either of our music.

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