Getting My Hair Done

On Wednesday, I went over to see Doug Christensen of downtown Reno’s Ethan Douglas Salon. I told him he could do whatever he wanted to my hair. I keep my hair in a pony tail. That’s the only style I know. Sometimes I braid the pony tail, sometimes I flip the ponytail in a loop, sometimes I wear a headband when my hair is in the ponytail. That’s all of the hairstyle variety I’ve got. I wanted to get married with my hair not in a ponytail, but beyond that, I left it up to Doug. This is what he came up with: he highlighted my hair and cut it to be in layers instead of one plain length, then he curled it. I got Randy off of World of Warcraft long enough to take two pictures of my new hair.

Getting it done was an interesting experience. Doug mixed some colors with a bowl and a whisk like he was making pancakes. Then, he painted the colors on my hair with a paintbrush or basting brush looking thing. He wrapped each little bundle of hair that he painted in foil. I had to wait awhile for the color to do its thing and my hair got really warm as it was getting colored. A man removed the foils and washed and conditioned my hair. He said that Doug does the best foils of the people in the salon because his are so tight that they don’t slip down while you’re cooking, but that then they’re hard to get out. He gave me a nice neck and scalp massage during the washing and it felt nice.

Then, Doug cut my hair. To me, it looked like he was cutting randomly, but to the guy who rinsed my hair, the method Doug was using was really interesting and they talked a lot about it. Apparently Doug is awesome and the other stylists like to watch him work to learn new things. That’s cool.

While Doug was coloring, cutting and blowing out my hair, we chatted a lot and I’ve come to the conclusion that while I thought he was cool before because he wears attractive clothes and is always smiling, he’s cool when you get to know him too. Thanks Doug for doing my hair and for generally being awesome!

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