Randy was born and for the most part raised in Texas. He refers to it as his “home country.” Although he has an affinity for New York and currently resides in Reno, Nevada with his fiance Ashley and his dog Emily, Texas calls to him and he would love to be able to move back there soon.

Randy is from a large family, which seems to grow every day. His mother and father are Margaret and Marty. His stepmom is Julie. His brothers and sisters include, but are not limited to, Katrina, Aubrey, Preston, Blake, Sean, Jeff, Michelle, Christopher and Matthew. His grandparents are Scotty and Bobbie and Julius and Jackie.

Randy has enjoyed a successful career in technology and finance, working at firms such as Earthlink and J.P. Morgan. He is currently employed with Alere out of Reno, Nevada. Randy is a literary person; he enjoys reading, writing short non-fiction stories and music reviews for a small newspaper in Texas, as well as blogging. His blog address is www.randyandrews.net. Randy’s hobbies include playing World of Warcraft and
keeping up on the latest breakthroughs in technology.

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