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After the Sealing

The pictures start off all cute and nice as we pose before cameras for the first time as husband and wife, but then we start making faces and turning all shades of red. That is because Darren asked us if we had any plans for the night. He was wondering if we were going to go out to eat at a nice restaurant or do anything cute like that. But that’s not what his question brought to the mind of his wife who thought it was an absurd thing to ask newlyweds what they planned for their first night together as a couple. She replied with a full-of-attitude “Well, YEAH.” Prompting us all to die of laughter.

The Sealing

There are no pictures of this part, because cameras aren’t welcomed in the Temple, but I’ll tell you all about it. I was dressed in all white and so was Randy and after all of our church friends had gathered into the sealing room, we were led there by the man who would be performing the sealing, President Wadsworth, the guy in charge of the Reno Temple. The room was very simply decorated. The walls were white, the carpet and upholstery on the chairs and the alter were cream. There were gold accents around the room. From the ceiling hung a large crystal and gold chandelier. On the left and right walls were large mirrors in gold frames. The reflection of the chandelier seemed to go on forever in those mirrors. In the center of the room was an altar and it had padded places around it to kneel. The far side of the room had three chairs: one for the President and two for usually the fathers of the bride and groom. In those chairs sat Darren Katich and Bruce Ford.

Darren has been quite a mentor to Randy since Randy started going to church and since Randy moved to Reno. His wife, Leslie has been a great help for us in preparing for and decorating for the Ring Ceremony. Even though it’d have been awesome to have family sit in that seat, Darren made a fine substitute. Bruce is another person in the church who has been a great influence in our lives. We took a gospel class that met at their house and they always had such good insights into the scriptures and fostered great spiritual conversations. His wife Evelyn helped me pick out my white Temple dress a couple of years ago which I wear when I go to the temple and wore tonight. She makes the most lovely desserts and always has something gluten-free for me. Again, it’d have been nice to have family there, but Bruce made a good stand-in.

On the left and the right walls were two rows each of those cream upholstered chairs I told you about and occupying those chairs were people from church. I saw people I have sang with in the choir, sat next to, taught with. I saw people whose children and grandchildren I have taught in Sunday School. All in all, there were about 40 people. I was surprised to see so many people there for us on that night. They all knew we were a little sad that our families couldn’t be there and were ready to try to fill our families’ shoes, standing in as our church family. I am grateful for their support.

On that last wall was a love seat where Randy and I sat looking across the alter to the far side of the room where the President and Darren and Bruce sat. Flanking us in chairs next to the love seat were Leslie, Darren’s wife, and Evelyn, Bruce’s wife. They sat almost perfectly opposite their husbands in the chairs traditionally reserved for the mothers of the bride and goom. They’re not our mothers, of course, but good women who have always been there for us. Maybe they’re our “church moms.”

President Wadsworth didn’t jump straight to the sealing part. He opened with some thoughts about the gospel, about our purpose here on earth, advice to Randy and I. I can’t remember all that he said, but I do remember that it all was good to hear and learn from and very spiritually deep.

He talked about how we all lived as spirits in Heaven before we came to earth. And that we had to come to earth to learn and grow. Staying in Heaven where everything was perfect, we would miss out on knowing joy and happiness because we could never experience their opposites and so appreciate the good in life. He talked about how important our bodies are then, because through them we can grow and learn, but without them, we are like Satan. Can’t rise above where we are but do regress and become like Satan not only in the sense that we don’t have bodies like him, but eventually we’d become like him in our attitudes and actions.

He gave us advice on how to treat each other then, knowing we lived in Heaven, knowing that we are children of God. He talked to us about how to respect each other and each other’s bodies too. He specifically spoke of how to speak to each other: quietly, sweetly.  No yelling. It was a good little sermon. Then, President Wadsworth began the sealing part. He invited Randy and I to get up off of our love seat and to kneel across the alter and hold hands together. He asked us to look at each other and then beyond each other into those two large mirrors. Now the mirrors held a forever reflection of us and not just the chandelier. He told us that our marriage is designed to go on forever. We’ll be married here on earth and we’ll be together as a couple again in Heaven after our earth lives are over. He married us and we said yes. We kissed across the alter and exchanged our rings.

From there, we went back to stand in front of our love seat. All of the people in the room filed past us whispering congratulations and compliments in our ears and hugging us. Then, Randy and I changed out of our white clothes and met up with everyone else dressed in our Sunday best in the lobby. They congratulated us some more and took pictures of us in front of the flowers in the entry way.

Before the Sealing


Randy worked a half of a day, but I stayed home from work. I was glad I did. There was a lot to get done. I still had loose ends to tie up for the Ring Ceremony, plus I needed to get all of the laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. done for the week because from here on out I knew it’d be too chaotic. We had the repairman for the internet coming that morning too. It was a busy day. Then, Randy came home and we played a little World of Warcraft together. When we logged in, the guild message of the day congratulated us. So Cute! I love my guidies. We got ready beginning around three o’clock and were fed, dressed, nail polished, makeuped, packed, etc by five. We had to be there at 5:45 p.m., so I wanted to leave at five, but mom showed up and got us all distracted. I was glad she did though, because while it made me stress about being late, without her we wouldn’t have gotten any before pics and it was nice to have her somehow involved in our sealing even if she couldn’t be there personally.

Wedding Plans: The Bishop is Booked

Today after church, Randy and I spoke to Bishop Stodtmeister and he will be happy to speak at our ring ceremony. This, coupled with the fact that Randy has (finally!) got his schedule all settled with his work, means we can start getting more concrete about our wedding plans.

Here’s what we have so far:

Our sealing will be at the Reno Temple on 1/11/11. Everyone who can navigate themselves to the temple with their temple recommend is more than welcome to attend. We’ve not yet nailed down a time. I tried, but the temple laughed at me and said I was trying to schedule too far in advance and to call back later. Once we get a time set, we’ll let everyone know. If you can come, great. If you’re too far away and/or not LDS, we’re going to announce the time to you anyway in the hopes that you will engage yourself in a moment of prayer for us at that time. If you’re not the praying type, happy thoughts, well wishes, etc. would also be welcomed.

Our ring ceremony will be at the Golconda Chapel that following Saturday, 1/15/11, should all go well with the building schedulers. We haven’t heard back from them yet. Everyone who can make it to Reno is invited to come. Randy and I will be very dressed up and Bishop Stodtmeister will say a few words before we exchange rings.

I know everything is very vague at this point, but we’re getting there. 🙂