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So close!

I ran around shopping today and got some of the things that we need for Tuesday and Saturday.I bought some makeup. I have no idea if what I bought is what I need, nor do I know how to apply it (haha), but I’ll ask Brother Christensen about it when he does my hair on Wednesday. He was supposed to do it today, but had to cancel because Sister Christensen came down ill. I’m glad he canceled to take care of the kids so she could get some rest. I also got nail polish! I still need a necklace, bracelet and earrings to wear. I picked up the flowers we needed and some filler for the vases. Still need to go get some green flower tape.

Randy says he’s excited that we’re getting married. That’s good. I know all of the preparations have been stressing him out because of the problems with his suit. We’ve got the suit thing sorta fixed. haha.

We still need to make a music playlist. This is going to be difficult. Randy’s music is loud and full of swear words and mine is country. Not very many people at the ring ceremony/wedding reception will want to listen to either of our music.


Mom came over and she liked my dress.

I finally got a veil. Still need flowers, tulle and drinks.

We have our marriage license.

Dad bought the pen for the guest book that Mom bought. He also picked up napkins.

Sister Katich and Sister Stodtmeister are kicking butt on decorations. Thanks ladies ๐Ÿ™‚

The temple has us all set to be sealed by President Wadsworth. Word is he’s really good.

Have been trying to get in to see the Stake for over a week now. Cutting it a little close guys. lol.

Getting my hair looked over today by Brother Christensen.

Tomorrow Randy gets his Patriarchal Blessing.

Decorations and Cupcakes

It’s snowing too much for me to go take my lunch break, so I thought I’d blog instead…

Brother and Sister Katich have a lot of decorations from their daughter’s recent wedding reception and after church on Sunday Sister Katich asked me if I’d like to use them and her decorating services! Oh yes I would! She has gray table runners to go with my white table cloths. She also has tons of white tissue puff balls in all different sizes to be hung from the ceiling with fishing line. Her daughter did cupcakes too, so she also has a cupcake stand we can borrow that will make the cupcakes look like a wedding cake.

My mom is making the cupcakes and she’s doing a gluten-free mini cake to go on top of the cupcake tower. This way we have a place to put the cake topper and I can eat our wedding cake. Mom’s making several different flavors of cupcakes too so everyone gets to pick his/her fav and not be subjected to my gluten-freeness.

Dad said he saw a nice white pen to use with the guest book Mom got.

Mom’s coming over tonight after work to see my dress. She hasn’t seen it yet. We’ll see what she says about the cleavage issue. My dress covers my garments; my bra doesn’t show or anything, but it’s still a little too boob happy for me to be entirely comfortable with it. Randy says it looks good and to wear it. We’ll see what Mom says.

Randy’s scheduling our interviews with the Bishop and Stake President and we’re going to get our marriage license this weekend. The marriage license department is having special hours this weekend for New Year’s and because of that Randy and I will both be able to appear for the paperwork process without either of us having to take a day off. How cool is that?

Almost there… Yay!


So… I still haven’t gotten anywhere with scheduling the chapel. I understand December being a busy time, but I talked to Brother Gardner of the Stake and he said he had the same issue when trying to schedule his daughter’s Ring Ceremony. In my opinion, with an ongoing slacking-in-calling-duty issues, this couple should be released. I printed up notes and put them on all of the gym doors and the bulletin boards for each of the wards that the gym is occupado for January 15th and to call me if there are any questions. I hope this works.

I also emailed some people in the ward whom I believe could help me with some of the things I need for the big day. I emailed Sister Katich, because she took some awesome pictures of our engagement and asked her if she would take pictures of our Ring Ceremony too. I emailed Sister Clark and asked her if she’d play the piano. I also emailed Brother Christensen and asked him if he could help with my hair. I am so not girlie enough to be able to do my own hair… I can’t even braid. Hopefully these people can help us out. We’re on a tight budget, as everyone is right now in this economy, and hiring professional photography, music and hair services just isn’t doable for us.

We still need cupcakes and Christmas trees. I think I’m going to pass out a sign-up sheet in Relief Society for those. If several people can make small batches of cupcakes, it wouldn’t be too stressful for them and it would really help me out. Borrowing their fake trees for a day shouldn’t be an issue. By mid-January, most people are ready to take them down or already have them down anyway.

Where is the time going??? There is so much left to do.

P.S. Bacon, Skittles and Raisenettes taste really good together.

Wedding Plans: Help

A lot of people have been asking me “What can I do to help?” There are several items left to be purchased for the wedding and a lot of services that we still need. As you all know, Randy and I are on a very limited budget. Any items you want to pick up for us would be much appreciated. If you have services or talents to donate or give us a discount on like baking, sewing, photography, etc. also great. Here’s a list of stuff and services that we know we need:

  • A guest book, white please.
  • Pen for guest book, white.
  • Beads to go in the bottom of vases, also white please.
  • Mints/other white candy to go inside of our favor boxes. Gluten-free if possible.
  • Tulle fabric for use as a garland, white.
  • Arch or other sort of backdrop.
  • Wedding photography services.
  • Music services.
  • Hair and makeup services for Ashley.
  • Cupcakes, enough for the party with one batch gluten-freeย  (in lieu of wedding cake).
  • Cupcake tower to display the cupcakes.
  • Christmas trees (can we borrow your fake tree for the day?)
  • Dry cleaning– Ashley wants to clean the second-hand dress before the big day.
  • Dress alterations– the neckline is too low as-is. The skirt is full and made of tulle, the body is corseted. Ashley wants to add some white, gathered tulle to the top of the too low neckline. If you’ve seen Renaissance Fair dresses which have a corseted dress with a full skirt and a ruffle on the neckline… that’s what she’s going for.
  • Suit alterations– Randy’s suit top fits him, but the pants are too big and too long.

Am I forgetting anything?

If you’re on a tight budget too and can’t kick in for goods or services, don’t feel bad. We need your manual labor! haha. We’ll need help with set up and take down on January 15th, including picking up and dropping off borrowed Christmas trees, decorating tables, taking out the trash, etc. This help will be instrumental in pulling this off as we will both be working full-time and Ashley will be taking half-time college classes (one course being Statistics–eek) and starting a new and challenging church calling. Any muscle you can put in would go a long way towards keeping us sane.

Wedding Plans: The Bishop is Booked

Today after church, Randy and I spoke to Bishop Stodtmeister and he will be happy to speak at our ring ceremony. This, coupled with the fact that Randy has (finally!) got his schedule all settled with his work, means we can start getting more concrete about our wedding plans.

Here’s what we have so far:

Our sealing will be at the Reno Temple on 1/11/11. Everyone who can navigate themselves to the temple with their temple recommend is more than welcome to attend. We’ve not yet nailed down a time. I tried, but the temple laughed at me and said I was trying to schedule too far in advance and to call back later. Once we get a time set, we’ll let everyone know. If you can come, great. If you’re too far away and/or not LDS, we’re going to announce the time to you anyway in the hopes that you will engage yourself in a moment of prayer for us at that time. If you’re not the praying type, happy thoughts, well wishes, etc. would also be welcomed.

Our ring ceremony will be at the Golconda Chapel that following Saturday, 1/15/11, should all go well with the building schedulers. We haven’t heard back from them yet. Everyone who can make it to Reno is invited to come. Randy and I will be very dressed up and Bishop Stodtmeister will say a few words before we exchange rings.

I know everything is very vague at this point, but we’re getting there. ๐Ÿ™‚